The Desire of the Medium

This book is the elaboration of a dissertation on the affective capacities of media and their collaborative function with the artist. It originated from a series of ideas and propositions that aspired to counter some orthodox modes of thinking within the field of media theory and design philosophy. The quest was based on an extensive series of educational programmes which have been developed that partly dealt with the supposition that the role of and interplay between media can best be measured on the basis of their affective capacities (iso-affectiveness) rather than on their ontological setting. In our view, it is more important to focus on what media do rather than on what they are. To achieve this requires a thorough appreciation of the equality of each medium in the spectrum of media typologies, which is not always the easiest thing to accomplish.The ‘voice of the medium’ is key in this process, and therefore it is time to ask again: ‘What is the desire of the medium?’ This question, however, has no conclusive answer. Instead, the question itself becomes a rhetorical and recursive starting point for addressing an interplay in which both human and nonhuman actors contribute to the creation of something new that is different from the sum of its parts.

230 pages, photography in colour, 17 x 24 cm, paperback, English

About the author Dr.Marc Boumeester

Boumeester focuses in his research on the liaison between perception, social-architectural conditions and the affective capacities of media and objects, with a distinct preference for the exploration of the exteriority of relations, coming to the heuristics of an affordance philosophy. He writes, lectures, develops and teaches in a specific international array of educational institutions and research networks.

He combined his affection for architecture and the arts with his knowledge of instable media, which resulted in a number of collaborative research projects around the globe. Currently he is fully dedicated to his research and the development of educational curricula.

Marc Boumeester has been working as a researcher at the Delft University of Technology and he instituted the I/M/D department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Currently he is the director of AKI Academy of Art and Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts . His research focusses on the interplay between non-anthropocentric desire, architectural conditions and instable media. Boumeester holds a doctoral degree from Leiden University and he publishes in the fields of media-philosophy and art-theory.His latest publications include the monograph “The Desire of the Medium”.